Posa Guitar Support - Flamenco or Classical


Financing Available! - 6, 12, or 18 months at 0% interest. Contact us for details.

Every guitar is given a thorough 19-point inspection including playing through every note, adjusting saddle & nut heights, checking neck relief, fret ends, tuning mechanisms, finish, and more. You can rest assured that your guitar will be flawless or we'll replace it or refund it and cover all shipping charges. Also, all guitars at XGuitars are kept at the perfect humidity and temperature to prevent hidden cracks, sharp frets, warped necks, etc.

NOTE: Suction cups do not work well on non-gloss finishes. If your finish is not smooth and shiny, we highly recommend Sagework Magnetic Guitar Supports. Alternatively, you can affix an adhesive film to your guitar that will allow suction cups to adhere more securely, but these films can cause serious damage to your guitar finish.

THE HEALTHY CHOICE: Forget about back and muscle aches caused by long practicing sessions! Tenor's TPGS+ Guitar Support provides you with a healthier sitting posture. Avoid stress and tension in your back and limbs - adjust it to your physiological attributes and enjoy a painless and effortless playing experience.

THE RELIABLE CHOICE Made of solid metal, Velcro Strap and TOP QUALITY Suction Cups. It holds your guitar safely in your lap. Carefully built for a safe usage, no marks or scratches caused while using it.

THE COMFORTABLE CHOICE: Enjoy a new level of comfort! Attach the suction cups to the bottom of your guitar and adjust it to the perfect angle - it's easy, friendly, efficient and convenient. We did our best to allow you to focus on your music.

THE COMPACT CHOICE: Tenor's TPGS+ Guitar Support is much smaller and lighter than any other footstool or support solution in the market. Compact, light, portable and easily folding - it fits perfectly in every guitar case.

The Posa Support comes with an adhesive suction cup protector. As with any guitar accessory, you should make sure your guitar’s finish has cured at least six months before use. If you are unsure of whether or not the adhesive will affect your guitars finish, please consult your luthier. We also recommend that you remove supports and other removable accessories from your guitar after each use.

Note: The Posa Support works best on guitars that are 3.25" wide or wider.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely Love It!

Not sure why this guitar support is not more popular, as it is extremely easy to install and it works. I have several, the first only had one set of suction cups. The most recent two I purchased have two rows of suction cups and works better than the original. I still use a footstool, but in its lowest position rather the highest position to match my height. I highly recommend this support. With that said, I do not own $$$$$$$$ guitars, so I am not concerned about the finish. I have one nitro finish guitar and the cups have not damaged it.