About Us

It was my passion for classical guitar that led me to start this business in 2002 to provide a much higher quality classical guitar buying experience for fellow classical guitarists. If it's not a quality instrument and if it's not an instrument that I am confident about, we simply will not sell it. The same is true for our strings and accessories. I personally insure that we provide the most superb and personal customer service & support possible.

-Geoff Ferdón
XGuitars, Inc.


Geoff Ferdón, the president of XGuitars, graduated from The University of South Carolina School of Music in 2003 with a degree in classical guitar performance under Christopher Berg. Geoff was the Vice-President of Alhambra USA from 2005 until 2012, when he left to focus on music and XGuitars. (Alhambra USA is a subsidiary of Alhambra S.L. in Spain and during those years was the sole wholesale distributor of Alhambra guitars in the United States.) From his experience with Alhambra USA, Geoff has an intimate knowledge of Alhambra guitars and will assure that if you order an Alhambra guitar from XGuitars, that you will receive the best that Alhambra has to offer. This knowledge and experience transfers to all other guitars listed on XGuitars.com.

We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us at any time for any questions that you may have or to find out about any special offers that may be available. 

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XGuitars is located in Asheville, NC
Guitars are available for trial by appointment.