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Nice support

I like it. It is light weight and strong. It takes up very little room.
My on reason for not giving it 5 stars is it does come loose in some instances.
That could be an issue in live performance when you do not want to focus on anything but the music..

I am forever grateful....

I was introduced to Geoff Ferdón about a decade or so ago by our mutual friend, the late great guitarist Philippe Bertaud. At that time, Philippe was determined to get me playing an Alhambra guitar. I soon received a phone call from Geoff, who coordinated with Alhambra Guitars to grant me a full artist endorsement. Within days, Geoff provide me with a beautiful Luthier Signature guitar. I loved that Spruce Top Signature - it was a true workhorse of an instrument.
That first Alhambra Guitar is currently in the hands of a very worthy student. Now my main guitar is a 2016 Mengual and Margarit Signature Model C. It is a remarkably beautiful sounding guitar with an enormous voice, ideal for my guitar and flute duo, as it balances with the flute perfectly. Last month I received from Alhambra a new Cedar Top Linea Professional. This is a stunning guitar - it is lightening fast to play, has a beautiful esthetic, and sings with a bold and sustaining “Spanish” voice. The addition of the factory installed Fishman E8 preamp system makes it the perfect guitar when playing larger venues, as it amplifies effortlessly.
My professional career was considerably altered by the generosity, kindness, and sincerity of Geoff. His attention to detail, product knowledge, and desire to serve the customer is greater than all other on-line retailers combined.
I am forever grateful to Geoff and Alhambra Guitars, and I will never forget our dear friend, Philippe Bertaud.
Gerry Saulter
Classical Guitarist, Serenade Duo

This Sagework guitar support saved my back and improved my playing

I had never heard of a guitar support before shopping on XGuitars for a new classical. (I purchased an Alhambra 8P.) I purchased the Sagework Umbra on Geoff's recommendation. When I received the new guitar with the support, I was a little wary of installing it, having used a (low, homemade) foot rest for a number of years. After a day or so my back started talking to me - I have chronic lower back issues going back decades - so I installed the Umbra and I am very, very happy with the change.

Installation was easy, just following the clear instructions. When I resumed my practicing it only took a few minutes for the support to disappear. It is that comfortable.

Here are some benefits I have noted: My guitar position is higher and a bit more angled than before. This height would have been nearly impossible with a foot stool. My left arm and shoulder are much more comfortable and access to the higher positions is much easier and faster. The support gives the guitar a more solid feel in my hands. Without the guitar body wrapped with my own the tone is a bit more open. I can sit on any chair - anywhere - without having to worry about carrying a (let's face it, dirty) foot rest. My seated position is more solid and ergonomic. No more back issues! The support attaches and detaches in a second and fits perfectly in the case.

The support is machined beautifully and packaged as nicely as an Apple product, which is saying a lot. I have purchased a second set of magnets for my old classical whenever I might need to use it.

Highly recommended!

Ramirez Studio 3 Guitar

I love the Ramirez Studio 3 guitar. XGuitars shipped it the next day and the setup (intonation and action) was perfect. The sound quality is beautiful compared to my old guitar. The price was the best I could find anywhere, and that goes for the accessories they offer as well. I highly recommend XGuitars to anyone looking for great service, shipping and support!

Great Guitar and Great Service

I am very please with my new guitar and the assistance of Geoff. The Alhambra has a warm and beatiful sound, just what I was looking for.

Gitano Guitar Support - Flamenco or Classical

Outstanding service!

We could not have had better (nor more responsive) help in ordering this product. (We’d had trouble tracking it down elsewhere.). Kudos to Xavy and his terrific XGuitars. Catherine Hyland

Classical Guitar Purchase

I purchased an Alhambra 9P Classical guitar from XGuitars and the customer service and response could not have been better. Geoff is a very thoughtful and caring person who goes above and beyond the call to make sure his customers are satisfied with their purchase. Geoff takes the worry out of online buying where you can't try out what you're buying first. I would highly recommend XGuitars for anyone contemplating buying a guitar online. No worries with buying online from this guy!

Thank You!!

It was perfect, I'll be shopping with you in the future and telling all my friends about this site!

Classical guitar upgrade

15 years on a student model Rodriquez. I upgraded to an Alhambra 8P. I talked with Xguitars staff to select the right model. Shipping was fast and the guitar was safely smothered in bubble wrap. This guitar is very beautiful and the sound is crisp and sustaining. Love the quality of visual and the wood aroma is a bonus. I think the reviews on the website is an honest representation of each model, and I did not need to worry about playing it before buying. Aaron in KS

Check one off the bucket list

After 50 years of noodling with a succession of nylon string guitars, I was finally in a position to indulge in what I consider the gold standard and bought a spruce Ramirez Del Tiempo instrument from XGuitars. At first, I had a little trouble getting used to the Ramirez strings, and I almost replaced them right off the bat with my standard Savarez cristal solistes, but after a few days of familiarization, I started to adjust to the "factory" strings, and will now continue to use them until they wear out. As far as the guitar itself, I'm completely gobsmacked by the build quality. As I've told a few friends, the closer you look, the more perfect it is. I've started to resurrect pieces I haven't played in years, just for the pleasure of hearing them on this wonderful instrument.
I want to give a shout-out to Geoff for his thoughtfulness and professionalism during the audition process. When I arrived at our appointment, he had all the instruments I was interested in arrayed on stands convenient to the chair and footstool and left me to my own devices. What more could you ask for, to be surrounded by top-end guitars and at liberty to try them all. Choosing the one for me turned out to be a little more challenging than I had anticipated, but now after two weeks with the Ramirez I'm convinced it was the right choice. The proof of the pudding is that practicing is fun again, for the first time in many years.
Thanks, Geoff!

A Beautifully Designed And Constructed Guitar

Having Recently Purchased, Played And Scrutinized This Instrument I Can Say This Is A Beautifully Designed And Constructed Guitar. There Is Nothing That Says "Cheap" Or "Sloppy" Or "This Could Have Been Done Better."

The Website Pictures, Of This Particular Guitar, While Good, Are Only A Preview Of What A Hands-on Experience Will Reveal. The Close-up Of The Cutaway And Heel Is A Good Example. The Very Nice Joinery Here Is Seamless. You Cannot Feel The Connection And That High Standard Of Quality Is Not Diminished Anywhere On The Guitar.

The Sound Of The Guitar Is Well Balanced , The String Set-up (Nut Height , Saddle Height ) Is Flawless And The Intonation Even At The 19th Fret (!) Is Very, Very Good. For A Fixed Bridge Without A Compensated Saddle This Is Remarkable.

I May Be Getting Too Technical Now So Let Me Finish By Saying This Is A MERCEDES Of A Guitar At A CHEVROLET Price.

Additional Sagework Magnet Set

Great product

The quality of the support is first class. It is very gentle on the guitar and leaves no marks on the finish. This company is an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Really modern and opulent

Very stylish and unique. The magnets work very well.

Great guitar!

Purchased an Alhambra LR 4P and love it. Arrived right on time and well packaged. It was great dealing with an outfit that knows so much about classical guitars.

Alhambra 4p Left-Handed Classical Guitar

fantastic product

once some experimentation with position is achieved, this leg rest makes finding a good right shoulder position very easy. once i found the sweet spot, I have been much more comfortable and some of my right shoulder blade and neck pain are slowly clearing up. If you suffer from aches while you play, evaluate your posture carefully and use an ergonomic rest.

This rest is easy to use, the suction cups (3) are very secure, but require periodic cleaning to remain so. if your case allows it, you can keep it on your guitar all the time. no parts bend in such a way as to scrape the guitar, although I suppose if your case is too big for your guitar, some jostling may dislodge a dirty one.

I use this every time I play, and really like how simple and sturdy the construction is.

Savarez Alliance 540J Strings bring more life to almost any guitar

This set is my highest recommendation for guitar strings. They bring extra richness and volume to every guitar I've tried them on, such that going back to any other string is a disappointment. They are carbon, so the string diameters are smaller than nylon strings. This may take some getting used to, but it's well worth it in my opinion.


Happy with it. Works quite well. Thank you for recommending it. Am not expert on tuners.

Alhambra 8p

Now that I have had the Alhambra 8p classical guitar for several years, I do feel that it has been a very worthwhile purchase and continues increasing in personal value to me. Initially I was very impressed with it, and that certainly has not changed in the time since. If anything I am pleased with how it continues to sound as I grow in my skills as a musician. All qualities still remain from my initial review of the guitar, and as I stated there, it still is a very easy and delightful guitar to play.

Quality equipment delivered on time

My daughter needed a guitar support for her classical guitar audition. We submitted the order one week prior to her scheduled audition. We received delivery of the ErgoPlay Tappert Guitar Support several days prior to her audition. Thank you for the quick turnaround and fast delivery.


Excellent service and purchase!