Gitano Guitar Support - Flamenco or Classical


NOTE: Suction cups do not work well on non-gloss finishes. If your finish is not smooth and shiny, a clear adhesive film is included with the Gitano Support that will allow suction cups to adhere more securely to your guitar, but these films can cause serious damage to your guitar finish if removed.

The Gitano is the most compact of all guitar supports and can easily fit in nearly any guitar case. It is ideal for playing on the right leg in a Flamenco position as well as for children and jazz guitars.  It is symmetrical and can be used by right-handed or left-handed players.

Note: This version of the Gitano support has three suction cups as shown in the closeup photos of the support. The photos of the Gitano attached to the guitar are of the older version which had only two suction cups.

Three Cups or Four? The Gitano Guitar Support is made from metal and has a velvet strap and three well-secured suction cups.  There is a space for a 4th cup, but it does not come with that cup and most people do not find it to be necessary.  There is a small square rubber stopper to take the place of where that cup would be installed.  If you need a 4th cup, you can purchase it HERE.  Please be sure to remove the small square rubber stopper before installing the cup.  

Minimum instrument width: 3 inches.
(The distance between the outside edges of the cups is 3 inches.)

The Gitano support does not come with adhesive strips for non-glossy finishes.  If you need them, we recommend Kling-On Suction Cup Helpers.  

Demonstration video:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Ron H. (Miami, US)
Good, inexpensive, but not perfect

The Gitano is a great value. I’ve never had it pop off my French polish guitar. My only complaint is that it allows the guitar bobble in my hands which is hard to overcome.

Eddie (Englishtown, US)
Gitano Guitar Support

The Gitano Guitar Support fits perfectly on my Flamenco guitar. It’s compact and easy to adjust.

Steve G. (New York, US)

So great idea fits right in the case with the guitar folded. Had a little trouble getting the stand to stay put but thanks to XGuitars exemplary customer support all is fantastic!

5 Stars

KEITH S. (San Diego, US)
Gitano Guitar Support

After researching this product, I ordered it and the extra suction cup to be sure. The support was delivered in less than a week and worked as expected. Very comfortable on either leg, it eliminated the back strain I experienced and kept my feet flat on the ground. A very good product.

Jim B. (Overland Park, US)
Solid comfort

I have been using the Gitano guitar support for about a week. It is taking a little time to get use to having my right and left legs planted in the right stance, but the gitano works great. No issues at all and very comfortable.