A-Frame Guitar Support

Fully Adjustable, light-weight, and sturdy, the A-Frame is the support of choice of many guitarists worldwide. (Folded to its minimum size, the A-Frame measures a nice flat rectangular 8.5" x 3.5" x 1.75")

"The A-Frame offers an incredible range of positioning options. Most importantly, it allows the guitar to be positioned relative to the player's body & not the other way around. It is the most significant thing to happen to the guitar since the addition of the sixth string"

-Christopher Berg
Professor of Guitar, University of South Carolina

"I highly recommend the A-Frame to all classical guitarists. it is excellent for posture and helps to avoid all unbalanced positions."

-David Russel

"The A-Frame supports and positions the guitar right where I want it and allows me to play seated, in a relaxed, stress-free position with both feet flat on the ground. What a relief!"

-Alex de Grassi
Internationally acclaimed guitarist

"The A-Frame Adjustable Guitar Support brings the guitar comfortably to the human form. Its simple good sense is remarkable; it's effect positively medicinal."

-William Ackerman
Founder of Windham Hill Records & steel string guitarist/composer

"I have tried the existing devices of the last 20 yeasrs that should alleviate back problems. The most revolutionary, helpful and practical invention is without a doubt the A-Frame. I highly recommend the A-Frame to all guitar players with back problems - and those many who may get them sooner or later!"

-Konrad Ragossnig