Alhambra 5P Senorita 636mm Scale - 7/8 Size Classical Guitar


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Every guitar is given a thorough 19-point inspection including playing through every note, adjusting saddle & nut heights, checking neck relief, fret ends, tuning mechanisms, finish, and more. You can rest assured that your guitar will be flawless or we'll replace it or refund it and cover all shipping charges. Also, all guitars at XGuitars are kept at the perfect humidity and temperature to prevent hidden cracks, sharp frets, warped necks, etc.

The Alhambra 5P Señorita Classical Guitar has all of the excellent sound qualities of the traditional 5P model, but the scale length of the neck has been shortened (thus reducing the spacing of the frets) to accommodate a smaller hand size. This instrument also has an ebony reinforced cedar neck, and has a rosewood laminate on the interior. (Click here to hear the pronunciation of "Alhambra".)

Top: Solid Red Cedar
Back/Sides: Lam. Rosewood
Neck: Mahogany with Ebony Reinforcement
Fingerboard: Ebony
Scale Length: 636mm
Nut Width: 50mm
String Spacing at Nut: 41mm
String Spacing at Saddle: 53mmLower Bout Width: 14" (355cm)
Upper Bout Width: 10 5/16" (262mm)
Length from bottom of guitar to end of headstock: 38.75" (Standard size length is 39.75")
Length from bottom of guitar to nut: 31.25" (Standard size length is 32.25")

Made in Spain 

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Customer Reviews

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Marcie's review of Alhambra Señorita 5P

I have not yet fallen in love with my Señorita, but my guitar teacher encouraged me to give her time. My main objection is the absence of full bass resonance. I don't know if that is a function of the smaller size, the newness of the guitar, or something else. The treble sound is very sweet and clear. I miss the fuller bass sound of my full-size classical guitars. My teacher said if I play it a lot I might notice an improvement in the bass sound. How long can I keep the guitar and still get a full refund?

Rich, resonate sound

I was very impressed with the service and the guitar and case I ordered. When I placed the order for the ⅞ Senorita size I mistakenly ordered a full size case. They emailed me and asked me if I really meant to order the full size and gave a recommendation for the appropriate size. When I verified my error they immediately refunded the difference of cost for the smaller size case. I am learning to play classical guitar in my retirement and I really love the sound quality.