VGV Hardshell Case: Brown with Hygrometer (classy!) - Upgrade


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Alhambra-Branded Hardshell Case by VGV di Vittorini.

Color: Brown
Built-in Hygrometer / Thermometer.

A very elegant, light-weight, sturdy, and protective case.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The price shown here is only valid if upgrading from a case that is included with a guitar. To purchase this case without a guitar, please CLICK HERE.

Made in Italy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I chose to upgrade to this case when I purchased my Alhambra Linea Profesional and I am glad I did. Case feels and looks of quality. Nice and light weight but sturdy as well. The hydrometer is a nice touch too.

Sleek and not bulky

I've owned lots of guitars, which also means I've owned cases galore. This model is one of the nicest, ranking with the cases Collings uses. The advantages? It's an attractive brown color. It's light. It has a cool hygrometer inside to help you maintain your guitar. The case seals tightly, which is important so that maintaining humidification isn't an indoor-outdoor activity. Drawbacks? The brown surface material scuffs fairly easily, closing the case requires some attention to lining up the latches precisely, and the handle somewhat stylishly lies close to the case. The net? I'm delighted with the case, particularly the combination of light weight, sturdy design, and the hygrometer. I would buy another for another classical guitar perfectly happily and in preference to a standard case. And for what it's worth, the case fits the Alhambra Linea Professional perfectly.

Great case

I bought this for my Alhambra 4F Flamenco guitar, and it is without a doubt absolutely convenient. Paired with the Humidipak by D'Addario, this case ensures that my guitar has the perfect humidity conditions.

Sturdy and classy

Looks great and my C5 Alhambra fits perfectly.