Woodside Guitar Support GS1-LEV


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Woodside Guitar Support GS1-LEV

This is the ultra convenient flip lever / cam lock model (GS1-LEV).  For the entry level model (GS1-SCR), featuring an adjusting screw, CLICK HERE.  

Far more reliable than suction cups, used by other brands' guitar support, the Woodside Support's grippers firmly grasp the edge of the instrument.  The Woodside Support's unique (patent applied for) pivoting system compensates for any guitar body depth variation, and grips at all four points equally.

The WS-GS1 utilizes a locking ball and socket mechanism to attach the support pillar to the clamping cradle.  This gives the player the freedom to set up whatever angle they choose between the clamping cradle and the leg rest.

To stow the GS1, simply unscrew the adjuster wheel to remove the support pillar, fold it down, and you're ready to pack your GS1 into a guitar case and hit the road.  The GS1 is made using only premium materials, and built to last a lifetime.

This support will work on guitars between 79mm and 113mm wide.

​• Clamping Width Range: 79 – 113 mm
​• Height Range (Upper part of leg rest to instrument resting position): 90 – 130 mm
​• Angle Range – 13 Degrees (Ball & Socket) in all directions
​• Weight: 200 g
​• Materials: Anodized aluminum, brass, stainless steel
• Folded Size (for stowage; e.g. in guitar case): 115 x 100 x 57 (high)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Eduardo Cruz Chu (Milwaukee, US)
improvement from murata

The Woodside guitar support is an improvement over the Murata support, which I also bought from xguitars some time ago. The good thing: The clamp can hold the guitar pretty well and it can be adapted to an angled thickness, so you can also fit it to an acoustic guitar (metal strings). The not so-good: The base of Woodside is a bit flat, in this point I like the Murata more, as the Murata base has more curvature and fit my leg better. Somehow I got very fond of the weight and firmness of the Murata, I wish the part were exchangable (they are not) so I can keep the base of Murata and clamp of Woodside.

I. (Montreal, CA)
Okay, but not great.

Really hard to keep it in a fixed position. I haven't yet been able to get the "locking" ball to lock no matter how much I tighten it. It's very disorienting to have the guitar change position in the middle of playing and annoying to have to be constantly mindful not to move around in a way that may cause the angle of the pillar to change. Unless I can figure out a way around this, I'm going to rate it a meh.

Hello, IB

Thank you very much for the review.

I'm sorry to hear that the Woodside support isn't working so well for you. It should easily stay in a fixed position. Could this be a manufacturing defect?

If you'd like to try a replacement or would like to return it for a refund, please let me know.

Geoff Ferdón

Diana Beason
Works for me

The guitar support breaks down to fit in my guitar case, clamps solidly on and off my guitar and was reasonably priced.

Karen Chuplis (Lincoln, US)
Not for me

I can see that this might work for other people and it is definitely better than some but it simply did not fit my body and I found it fiddly and a little difficult to attach and remove, and you would have to remove it. I'm not positive how to improve it but honestly, supports are one of those things you just have to try out because everyone is different.

Eugene Frizzell (Nacogdoches, US)
Excellent Product

The Woodside is a very fine product. It is easy to adjust and enables the guitarist to place the guitar in exactly the same position every time. Is sits nicely on the leg and is a very stable product. Very glad I purchased this.