540J Alliance
High Tension
Classical Guitar Strings

- KF ALLIANCE plain composite trebles (also called carbon strings)
- HT CLASSIC stabilon multifilament (specifically treated nylon) wound basses with rust protected silver plated metal.

~ High Tension ~

Diameter (in.)
Tension (lbs.)
KF Alliance carbon composite
KF Alliance carbon composite
KF Alliance carbon composite
HT Classic silverplated copper wound
HT Classic silverplated copper wound
HT Classic silverplated copper wound

Every guitar is given a professional setup and a thorough 19-point inspection including playing through every note, adjusting saddle & nut heights, checking neck relief, fret ends, tuning mechanisms, finish, and more. You can rest assured that your guitar will be flawless or we'll replace it or refund it and cover all shipping charges. Also, all guitars at XGuitars are kept at the perfect humidity and temperature to prevent hidden cracks, sharp frets, warped necks, etc.

NO SALES TAX for any state outside of North Carolina.

Financing Available! - 6, 12, or 18 months at 0% interest. Contact us for details.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Cass (Pontotoc, US)
Savarez 540 J HT Alliance

I tried these strings on a recommended from Geoff. My first set went on my early 90's Asturias concert guitar. The positive change in volume and range of tone was astounding. In 40 years of playing classical guitar, this was only the third time I have changed string brands. The sound and playability of the Savarez strings made it an easy decision. I use use these exclusively now on my Asturias as well as my Alhambra 9P CW E8 Cutaway. After hearing the difference they made on my guitar, my students have switched to these Savarez strings as well.

Patty R. (Argyle, US)
Great bright sound

When I bought my new Alhambra Linea Professional Guitar, Geoff told me he would string it with 540j Alliance, high tension strings. I said, ok , I'll try them. When it was time to change the strings, I immediately heard the difference, going back to D'addario medium tension strings. They weren't as loud, weren't as bright, not the same sustaining tones. I recently purchased 3 sets of the 540j Alliance. I never realized before, that strings could make such a difference.

Customer (San Jose, US)

I have bought Abharam Guitar 9 for 1 year.And I am really satisfied with it. How wonderful the guitar is. How fascicnating sounds. Thank you Xguitars to help me get a wonderful gift.

Jimmey C. (Sheboygan, US)
My New Go-To

I’m on my 2nd set, and as long as they continue to last an acceptable amount of time, they’re all I’ll buy now. I also use the normal tension for flamenco. Thank you for the recommendation Geoff!

Philip S. (North Las Vegas, US)
Terrific sounding strings

My favorite strings for my guitar (Alhambra Mengual y Margarit serie C) are Hannabach Goldin. But, at that price ($35/set!) I can't justify using them as an everyday string. So, I've been using D'Addario EJ46 which, until I tried the Hannabach, seemed perfect. Thus began my search for a decently priced string that got me closer to the Hanabach sound ad a D'Addario price. I tried many that were no better or, in fact, worse sounding than D'Addario. Then I remembered that Geoff had included a string suggestion for this guitar, the Savarez Alliance 540J. I ordered a set and threw them on. After a week of breaking them in, I think I can offer my opinion, which is that they are exactly what I was looking for. Geoff said to me that the D'Addario set would be dull and bland by comparison, and this is very true. The Alliance set has far superior projection, and a color and depth to the sound that the D'Addario can't match. Is there a but? Of course there is. But, the Alliance seem to take longer to settle. In fact, ten days after putting them on, intonation is still fluctuating. They also feel very different than the other strings I've tried. They feel softer, and the basses are thinner. It's not a huge adjustment, but it is one. In the long run, it might be a plus, as my fingers are large and the thinner bass strings help keep me from buzzing. I play 3-3.5 hours a day, so I'm hoping I get a solid two months of playing out of them. If they don't hold up that long, then the price becomes a push, and the Hannabach will win out. Time will tell!