Additional Sagework Magnet Set with Command Strips and Markers


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This is an extra set of interior magnets for the Sagework (formerly Barnett) Guitar Support to install in additional guitars.  It includes two internal magnets, three Command Strips, and two markers.  (One of the Command Strips is a spare in case of installation error.)

Each guitar needs a set of interior magnets, but you only need one actual support.

The magnets are installed on the interior of the guitar using double-sided adhesive films. The films also have a tab that's used to easily remove the films and interior magnets if desired.

The exterior magnets are integrated into the Barnett Support use cork to provide excellent protection for your guitar.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Bryan W. (Dayton, US)
Extra magnets for the Atlas

I ordered a set of magnets for my second classical guitar. Still getting used to the Atlas but I think I'm going to really enjoy it. The support was a gift and the second set of magnets arrived far faster than I expected. Great service!

davidguitar (Daly City, US)
Extra magnets

Great service and quick delivery. Having more sagework magnets for multiple guitars is essential.

Steve N. (Asheville, US)
Happy to get these for more guitars.

The Atlas/Umbra supports are amazing. I just bought 2 new magnet sets. Can't wait to install them in the guitars in my teaching studios.

Brian C. (Seattle, US)
Another perfect sale

Arrived very quickly. This was the second set of magnets I have installed. Went very easily this time, no problem at all. As always, great customer service. Very satisfied ...
Thanks, Geoff.

Joss T. (Bang Lamung, TH)
Overseas service

Thank you so much for getting this to me in Thailand it well appreciate it it’s hard to get good quality stuff here and I’m very happy with the service you provided to me thank you so much